The Client: Bargain Booze – Bargain Booze is a chain of off licence stores. Established in 1981, it has since grown to 611 stores, and has opened the Bargain Booze Select Convenience store franchise.

Bargain Booze believe in the power of personalised printed media going through as many relevant letterboxes as possible. We produce various promotions for them over 9 periods per year ranging in format and quantities.

Twice a year, in addition to the normal print requirements, Bargain Booze produce a mass media campaign that is funded by head office for print & distribution. They wanted to be able to provide a printed leaflet that would cover every members store’s home postcode quantity and also give the member an opportunity to be able to finance themselves any extra quantities they may require for other surrounding postcodes.  They had a very tight turnaround due to the trading teams striking the best deals possible at the latest time prior to print they could find.

In order to print over 2 million booklets with deals and vouchers and personalise store specifically every copy, they needed a solution that would give them the facility to print as late as possible yet still be able to meet Royal Mail deadlines for the crucial seasonal dates they needed to promote sales.

Utilising our bespoke software Pinpoint we provided a solution that enabled us to

  • Compile store data details for addresses opening times etc
  • Liaise with Bargain Booze store owners directly to discuss if their needs required further quantities producing to cover extra postcodes using demographic mapping & profiling
  • Compile the data required for head office to approve the expenditure and print quantities booked all the Royal Mail distribution
  • Devise a format that would allow the customer to fit in all the deals they required whilst still maintain a competitive postal weight
  • Print & deliver over 2 million plus booklets, individually personalised & delivered across the UK for distribution within five days

All of the above and much more is handled across multiple platforms using our software Pinpoint.

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