The Client: Brammer – Brammer is your first choice for quality industrial maintenance, repair and overhaul products. Europe’s leading specialist distributor, they operate UK nationwide, offering guaranteed delivery and a local service, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.

The challenge To provide the client print management into 150 branches throughout the UK on a daily basis, storing and distributing all their literature to ensure their branches operate  24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year

Setting the scene Brammer have 150 branches and each one, strategically based throughout the UK, looks after local businesses needs. The purchasing of spares for the daily maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) of manufacturing and production equipment is often a complicated, resource and time consuming activity for the majority of organisations. It is also critical to avoiding costly downtime and maintaining continuity of production.

We have been providing a support service to Brammer for over 20 years and they are one of our longest standing Clients. Each Branch needs to order their invoices, Business cards, letterheads, Marketing collateral and we provide this service with our online ordering portal (Tharstens E4Print and Chili), which is linked to our MIS infrastructure.

Since 2006, their technical support and specialist advice on MRO spares management has helped generate over £100m of operational cost savings for their customers.

The Process Each day a Brammer branch needs printed collateral and they utilize the specialist online ordering service we offer here at G&H. A lot of their items are stocked in our warehouse ready to be dispatched next day or even same day. Our on line ordering allows secure password protected logins and the individual branches can call off either a stock line or a bespoke piece of print.

Our Service Level Agreements offer different tiers of service but are tailored to the needs of Brammer and other similar clients. We give the client what they want in a friendly and efficient manner.

Each month Brammer receive their reports detailing from our MIS who has ordered what products, how many, how much they paid and what remaining stocks they have. We manage the Brammer lines for them so they do not need to worry about reordering stocks as we set agreed reorder levels. A lot of lines are printed to order and although they are classed as ‘stock’ they are in actual fact produced to order reducing waste and storage space.

The Result Every day we ensure the Brammer branches, head offices and other Insite units have all the tools they need to provide their customers the level of service and quality Brammer gets from G&H. This has been the case for over 20 years and together we have developed and improved our relationship.

To conclude We can do the same for your business too, if you think Print Management is the way forward, let us give you a demonstration of our services and your business can benefit the way Brammer has. Contact Us

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