The Client: Lakeland – As one of the UK’s home shopping pioneers with over 50 years of experience under our belts, Lakeland offer an unrivalled collection of creative kitchenware, practical ideas for the home and garden, and inspiring gifts from all over the world. Our Buyers search for innovative products that make life easier, before putting them through a rigorous selection and testing process to ensure they meet our exacting standards.

We have been a supplier to Lakeland for some years producing smaller, concentrated mailings. We approached Lakeland to inform them of the technology we have invested in and demonstrated our bespoke software Pinpoint. Lakeland then saw the opportunity to be able to produce mass mailings, for sales campaigns, with traceable results using the Prosper heads and to be able to increase their volumes up to 2.5 million leaflets per time.

Each individual leaflet has a bar coded voucher printed with their local store address, relevant to the local door to door distribution, with a map and also opening times. The advantage for Lakeland is that we can produce this job in a fraction of the time it would have traditionally and gave them a significant cost saving by personalising in-line.

This cost saving enables them to produce more mailings, more frequently, as well as the tracability to see what works best for them in what region. We have regular meetings with the marketing team at Lakeland to discuss formats that are possible and more eye catching that will combine with the kit. We receive artwork & data, merge together, print & deliver to multiple media centers around the UK.

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