The Client: Nisa Retail – Founded in 1977, Nisa Retail is unique in the convenience sector as it is a mutual style company which means it is owned by its independent retail members. Nisa’s retail strategy is to deliver benefits for independent retailers and help them grow their business in an increasingly competitive market.

Nisa have produced a personalised retail leaflet for the past 15 years with us, originally personalised simply in black on the front cover with name & addresses and basic services. The brief from the Marketing Director was that he wanted to modernise the offer and to have the ability to personalise every leaflet, for all his members in four-colour. He also wanted to have a platform so that each NISA member was able to produce the offer themselves.

We previously produced this job as a combination of 4pps, 6pps, 8pps and 16pps of A4, sheeted off the press and Scitex personalised off-line. The job was then cut & finished in the finishing department. The frequency is 17 periods per year and on average took 680 man hours to produce.

Our challenge was to be able to produce this, without disrupting the current format, with technology that had never been used before in this configuration.

G&H invested over £1 million in developing our bespoke retail software Pinpoint and web-to-print portal Cicero. Utilising these platforms enabled NISA members to access through their own OCS system with single sign on. It gave them the facility to log onto a portal that displayed various templates that each member could personalise with offers, vouchers, deals as well as opening times, maps etc. Depending on the leaflet format they could have two panels,  one on the inside of the brochure and one on the back page. We would then set an opening & closing time period that the members would have access to originate these panels. Once the system was closed the data gathered would be transferred as code and sent to the Prosper Heads on the press.

There are 21 versions of leaflets across 4pps, 8pps & 12pps A4 formats for approximately 1,500 members with a quantity of approx 3 million leaflets every 3 weeks. We then had to develop the software & hardware to be able to run the press at 35,000 iph per hour, matching the right panels to the right leaflets to the right distribution method for the right delivery requirement.

We did this all in-house and are the only company in Europe to operate this system on a web press in line. We managed to reduce the time to 180 man hours per promotion. Nisa had a twelve month exclusivity clause with G&H and we have now been producing this job for the last two years.

We also manage an on-line POS portal for NISA where members can generate their own POS and print for free utilising the technology we devised for the leaflet production.

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