The Client: Park Leisure – Park Leisure is a very successful holiday company operating ten holiday parks across the UK. The parks accommodate high quality accommodation in some of the most beautiful parts of the country.


With the appointment of a new Marketing Director, Park embarked on a brand new marketing campaign that was derived to encourage existing holiday home owners to re-invest in a scheme that would allow them to take advantage of new high quality homes the company were building to modernise and improve the facilities on offer.

We had previously worked with the new Marketing Director and it was a pleasure to undertake this project.

The elements of the work we would undertake would involve every aspect of our printing repertoire plus some creative outsourcing to complete a marketing package that would involve all departments of Park’s staff interacting with their customer base. The packs contained Personalised letters, promotional posters, vinyl banners, window roundels, A0 boards, folders and printed envelopes. Combined with the multi product element of the campaign we also had the task of ensuring the mailing was completely personalised per home owner, collated, personalised per park and the mailing was staggered to coincide with the company’s sales teams targeted call dates.

From the initial brief, to design, to collation right through to the final mailing, our key members of staff worked fantastically together as team, mailing and presenting the numerous elements for delivery direct to the customer. It was an excellent project to work on which brought out the best in the people at G&H to work successfully as a team with multi formatted print media, under tight deadlines and working to the highest quality.

The customer was delighted with the result.

“I spent the day with the Sales Team and they were all blown away with the quality. I really appreciated the way everything was packaged up and labelled”

Lisa Williams, Head of Marketing


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