The Client: Stop the Clock DesignAward winning Greetings Card Designers from Broadbottom, England.

The challenge: To help the client take their existing designs and produce the ranges using both Litho and Digital printing keeping the colours consistent.

Background: Greetings cards are mass produced in the UK and around the world, with a large number actually manufactured in China on mass due to the demand for lower and lower prices in UK mainstream retailers.

Stop the Clock produce a specialist range of greetings cards on very high quality paper with added value finishes such as small bows and gems.

Most of the orders they place for print use our Digital HP7600 machines as they produce a larger spectrum of brighter colours against traditional Litho printing.

However due to price pressure from the market place there a times when the volumes required can only be produced on a B1 Litho printing machine.

The Process: Together we tested a range of designs on Stop the Clocks chosen substrate, supplied by G F Smith, to ensure the best possible colour match. Once the correct colour curve was established we took the designs to full production.

Stop the Clock had received such a large volume of orders early in 2013 that they had to consider the Litho route due to pricing pressure. Our Heidelberg and HP7600 Presses enable us to offer print runs as low as one and as high as one million+.

Colour was the next concern and after some clever work in our extensive pre-press department we found the curves for Litho that matched the existing Digital standards of colour that Stop the Clock were happy with.

Further machine wet prints were carried out to make sure the technology was proven and with customer approval we proceeded to print tens of thousands of cards.

The Result: Due to our 24 hour operation we were able to produce the cards very quickly even taking into consideration that extra drying time necessary for this type of printing.

Stop the Clock were able to get a large order of their unique designs into the market place quickly without a compromise on quality but managing to reduce costs.

Summary: Stop the Clock, G&H and GF Smith worked together to share their ideas, test technologies and try new services.

You can buy cheap in China but you cannot buy the personal touch provided by dedicated people or achieve next day print.

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