At G&H we are proud of our past, it taught us our trade and we have grown and learnt from it.

Since inception in 1969 the business has diversified and progressed to what it is today but the values and vision remain the same. Superior service and quality for clients is at the heart of everything we do.

Over the years we have built up an all encompassing marketing offering for both agencies and end users.

From starting out as typesetters, adopting reprographics, embracing software and databasing to utilising printing we approach clients marketing with a holistic view.

G&H remains independently owned and led by the same management team as started the business in 1969 and as a result throughout the expansion and diversification we have always stuck to our principles to innovate and adopt new products and services.

From being the first company in Manchester to use Apple Macs to introducing our own VPN network and purchasing market leading printing presses we have always worked hard and invested in new technologies to allow us to deliver the best results possible.

G&H now provide a complete marketing delivery service, and the team is made up of experts with a variety of specialist skills – from print to distribution, digital asset or customer order management, data or fulfilment and we pride ourselves on our team’s abilities.

In a fast moving and vastly competitive market, you cannot rest on your laurels and the G&H philosophy means we are always working behind the scenes on how we can utilise the next industry advancement to best meet the needs of our customers.

At G&H we do not blow our own trumpet very often, we believe that our long standing clients and quality work speaks for itself. Have a look at our case studies to see the kind of projects we deliver, and visit our divisions and services to see what G&H could do for your marketing.

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