Apple event on March 8, headphones measure temperature, prescription apps for expensive.

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today I would like to give you the general Podcast Digital Pioneers and especially recommends the current episode with Heiko Hubertz from Oxolo. Hubertz became successful in the early 2000s with his company Bigpoint and online gaming. His current vision: What used to be paintings, then photos, then videos should be personal avatars in the future. An AI takes over a person’s voice, language, facial expressions, gestures, characteristics and tries to synthetically represent people. The AI ​​already translates daily news videos into dozens of languages ​​in minutes with the same voice and even adjusts lip sync. Or Elvis teaches you to play the guitar and Einstein teaches you the math yourself. All this is not just a mind game, but just before the introduction. The podcast also encourages not to put all bad deepfake addictive fantasies in the foreground right away, but to realize the potential of this technology. Be curious!

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Partner contribution: 6 good reasons for a business app.

The smartphone with associated gadgets, also called applications or short apps, has become an integral part of our everyday lives. We can easily, conveniently and quickly order something to eat with the help of a suitable app, check our account balance and even send our prescription to the pharmacy we trust and thus pre-order the medicine we need. Whether it’s pharmacies, taxi companies or tenant-owner associations – these sectors have long since ceased to be exotic in the app stores, as the potential that an app brings is great. In the following article, we will give you six reasons why it is worthwhile for small businesses to include a business app in their marketing portfolio.

Apple event on March 8, no more iPhones in Russia, problems in Telekom’s board.

Tuesday, March 8 at 19 German time, it’s time: under the motto “Peek Performance” finds the next Apple event instead of. iPhone SE 3 and iPad Air 5 are expected to be presented. iOS 15.4, iPadOS 15.4 and macOS 12.3 are also likely to be released. Users can then look forward to improved Face ID face recognition despite the face mask.

Apple has stopped all sales in Russia and at the same time banned the Russian state media RT News and Sputnik News from the AppStore. Thus, Apple also responded to an appeal from the Ukrainian government last week. Apple does not run its own app stores in Russia. Units have so far been sold through Apple’s website or sales partners.

Tension at Deutsche Telekom. Actually, ex-Softbank CEO Marcelo Claure, preferred candidate for Telecom CEO Tim Höttges, should move to the board. Japanese Softbank is one of the largest technology investors and telecom companies in the world and has been Deutsche Telekom’s second largest shareholder since accession in 2021. Vice Chairman of Telekom’s Board and Verdi representative, Frank Sauerland, announced that he would oppose the election because Claure’s “value framework” does not passed Deutsche Telekom. Bitter for Höttges and Claure, who are also private friends. Postmaster Frank Appel is replaced as a new candidate.

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Headphones measure temperature, Mobile World Congress ends, Fitbit recall.

The former Huawei subsidiary honor presented the latest genuine wireless headphones, Earbuds 3 Pro, at the MWC in Barcelona. The AirPods competitors have three levels of Active Noise Canceling (ANC) and stand out from the competition with two sound generation drivers, which are arranged coaxially. Gimmick or useful function: body temperature can also be measured with in-ear headphones.

Today concludes the Mobile World Congress (MWC) and everything revolved above all around smart phone. But Samsung and Huawei are also introducing new laptops that focus on interaction with other devices from the manufacturers. Samsung, for example, integrates the Galaxy top model S22 into its internal ecosystem in the best possible way. The idea behind it is mainly known from Apple: take a call on the watch and continue it on the smartphone or start an email on the laptop and end it later on the mobile phone. Huawei has had a harder time here since the US ban. A 5G Android smartphone is simply missing in the interconnected chain for the perfect customer experience.

the Google’s subsidiary Fitbit now also calls the smartwatch model Ionic in Germany back. To date, 174 cases in the United States have resulted in second- and third-degree burns from an overheated battery. The watch has been out of production since 2020. At present, there are no remaining goods in German retail.

Tier buys Ford’s subsidiary Spin, prescription apps for expensive, physiotherapy app raises $ 1.5 million, Backbone wants to become Sonos for mobile streaming.

He is also from Berlin E-scooter rental company Tier Mobility and apparently plans to enter the US market. Tier has acquired the e-scooter rental company Spin from Ford and takes over all 50,000 e-scooters and e-bikes, giving the company a total fleet of 300,000 vehicles in 21 countries.

Too expensive, too little use. This is how the statutory health insurance companies’ (GKV) criticism of the health apps on prescription is summarized. “Although the legislature, with a big leap in faith, gave manufacturers maximum freedom to bring products to market that significantly improve the care of the insured, expectations have so far hardly been met. Stefanie Stoff-Ahnis, board member of the Swedish Association for Statutory Health Insurance Funds, takes an inventory. The price per application, which suppliers were free to set during the first year, averaged EUR 400 per quarter. The funds provided 13 million euros for the approximately 50,000 prescribed digital applications with “barely existing meaningful features“Between September 2020 and September 2021. The full report can be found here.

Exact health, the Berlin physiotherapy app, raises $ 1.5 million from, among others, Zurich-based VC Backbone Ventures and existing investor and N26 founder Maximilian Tayenthal. The app was launched in August 2021 and claims to have 8,000 active users and offers digital support for treating sports injuries as well as preventive exercises to avoid new injuries. With the fresh money, approval is sought from the US Drug Administration FDA. In Europe, the app is already recognized as a medical device.

the Mobile streaming platform Backbone has raised $ 40 million in a Series A funding round. The money will be invested in new employees on the one hand and in the expansion of the gaming business on the other. According to Backbone’s founder and CEO Maneet Khaira, they want to fill a void in the streaming market and, just as Sonos and Roku have done for music and TV streaming, they want to unite all gaming streaming services and core gaming experiences on mobile devices.

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