Thüringer Rostbrätel based on an original recipe from the GDR – now we’ll light the grill!

Really good only from the grill: Thüringer Rostbrätel IMAGO / Karina Hessland It’s summer time, it’s barbecue time. The best opportunity for a really delicious specialty from Thuringia. “Rostbrätel” is a real national dish next to the bratwurst. It is served with plenty of braised onions and – of course – marinated in beer. And … Read more

Steffen Henssler’s recipe: Grilled eggplant with mozzarella

RTL> Steffen Henssler is stacked – but not deep! His quick numbers turn grilled eggplant slices, mozzarella, tomatoes and pine nuts into delicious little towers. In the video, the professional chef and author (“Henssler’s Quick Issues: 100 New Recipes” *) explains what you should definitely keep in mind when cooking this Mediterranean delicacy! Ingredients for … Read more

“E-prescription enthusiasts”: The association wants to help digital prescriptions with an injection

An association was formed to shorten the previously sluggish test phase of the e-prescription and to help it “break through faster”. The initiative called “E-prescription enthusiasts” is aimed at healthcare stakeholders and patients and wants to educate them “specifically” about electronic prescriptions. The main goal is a quick and “successful” end to the test phase … Read more

Rice with green asparagus and radishes

What’s in the asparagus? Asparagus is extremely useful. It consists of 93 percent water, about two percent protein, about four percent carbohydrates and only 0.2 percent fat. Asparagus therefore has only 150 calories per kilogram. Still, asparagus contains many minerals – such as potassium (190 to 280 milligrams per 100 grams), which lowers blood pressure … Read more

Pasta alla gricia: only 5 ingredients – original recipe from Italy

Updated: 2022-05-14 – 19:09 Like Carbonara, just different Only 5 ingredients! How to make the Italian classic pasta alla gricia Photo: Getty Images / Stanislav Ostranitsa Have you ever heard of pasta alla gricia? No? Then you should read the following carefully. Are you always looking for delicious pasta dishes, originally from Italy, which are … Read more