Make your own ice cream without an ice cream machine! With this recipe with three ingredients, you can conjure up any ice cream in the world

Vanilla ice cream is super easy to make yourself from three ingredients – and the basic recipe can be refined with many ingredients. image / Panthermedia Already last week it was a few warm days – and if the weather develops like this, it can only get warmer. Summer is already knocking on the door … Read more

Biancomangiare: Sicilian dessert recipe –

Biancomangiare is a Sicilian pudding made from almond milk, lemon and cinnamon. You can easily prepare the vegan dessert yourself at home. You can find the recipe here. Biancomangiare literally means “white food” and that is exactly what the term means. Originally, biancomangiare could be any dish, whether sweet or salty, made from white ingredients. … Read more

Use emergency supplies: Recipe for lightning-fast lentil bolognese

Website life enjoyment Created: 16/05/2022, 20:45 Of: Anne Ticino Share Bolognese lens © Andreas Berheide / Imago Have you replenished with the recommended 10-day emergency supplies? We collect recipes that you can prepare from them. Today: spicy lentil bolognese. The situation in the supermarkets is slowly easing and you can turn the emergency stock recommended … Read more