Use emergency supplies: Recipe for lightning-fast lentil bolognese

Website life enjoyment Created: 16/05/2022, 20:45 Of: Anne Ticino Share Bolognese lens © Andreas Berheide / Imago Have you replenished with the recommended 10-day emergency supplies? We collect recipes that you can prepare from them. Today: spicy lentil bolognese. The situation in the supermarkets is slowly easing and you can turn the emergency stock recommended … Read more

Cult snack: The recipe for fried fish in the fish oasis Ueckermünde comes from Rosi

The Dutch food truck still does a good job after 30 years. It was once taken to the lagoon by Rosi Neumann and set up on the old boulevard in Ueckermünde. She and her husband Peter always had Uecker right under their noses when cooking. “She was a good businesswoman,” said Detlef Pohl, who runs … Read more

Romesco sauce: Vegan recipe for the Spanish dip

Spanish Romesco sauce can be used in many ways. In this article, we will show you a vegan recipe for the spicy aromatic dip – with different possible combinations. The romesco sauce originates in Spain and is especially characterized by its aromatic roasted aromas out of. It is often served with bread there, but is … Read more

Interview with Jana Ina Zarrella: Giovanni’s mother is the world’s best chef – entertainment

Jana Ina Zarella cooks more by feeling than by recipe. Photo: Coca Cola Jana Ina Zarella is Brazilian, her husband Giovanni Italian. In an interview, the host tells what is on the table at home and how to meet for a “holy” family meal despite two careers. Italian, Brazilian or German – what does the … Read more

The world’s simplest spaghetti carbonara – with this recipe they always succeed and are so delicious!

Spaghetti Carbonara – the most popular type of pasta among Germans. IMAGO / YAY images Do you also love spaghetti carbonara so much? But do you not really dare to do it yourself? Carbonara has a reputation for being the most complicated pasta dish. The sauce fails so quickly, becomes crunchy or the ingredients separate … Read more

Make Oreos yourself: A vegan DIY recipe

You can easily make Oreos yourself. Like the original, our Oreo recipe is vegan and intensely chocolate-like, but contains no palm oil. With its sour, chocolate biscuits and creamy, sweet filling, Oreos has long been a popular snack. It is is oreos vegan but there are still some ingredients in the biscuit that many want … Read more