11 Ina Garten recipes perfect for summer

Ina Garten has a whole catalog of fantastic summer recipes, but which are the best? We think we found her. From salads to seafood and citrus dishes to light garden pasta with fresh vegetables, here is our choice for December 11 Barefoot Contessa Recipes that are perfect for the summer. Ina Garten on ‘Today’ | … Read more

Recipe: This is how asparagus works without Hollandaise sauce – style

Everything should really be said about the Germans’ asparagus mania. There was always a balance between cheers and mockery over the longest season on the German calendar. But as absurd as it may seem that nothing else seems to be harvested in this country between March and June, it is as reassuring as it is … Read more

Make spaghetti ice cream yourself … how does it work? With the potato trick! Ingenious recipe with varieties of tomato sauce, carbonara, pesto

Spaghetti ice cream is a real classic – but how do you make it so good at home? COURIER reveals the trick. image / epd It’s getting warmer outside, in many German households the freezers are being filled with ice cream – croissants outside, summer is here! When you think of long summer afternoons from … Read more

Recipe “Asparagus Potato Soup with Roasted Pears” | NDR.de – Guide

by Rainer Sass Print PDF – + people) Ingredients for the soup: 1 kg White asparagus 1 kg floury potatoes 2.5 l vegetable broth 200 ml olive oil Salt sugar nutmeg Peel the potatoes and asparagus and cut into pieces or slices. Put the prepared ingredients in a saucepan and add the broth until everything … Read more

Use emergency accessories: Recipe for quick carrot and tomato sauce

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Chicken Tikka Masala: recipe with video

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