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In 2015, CGM founded the joint venture “MGS Meine-Gesundheit-Services” with the insurance group Axa. The joint venture will be a basis for networking all actors in health care. In the meantime, the insurance companies Debeka, Huk-Coburg and the Bavarian official health insurance fund have also come on board as partners. The offer is also available to you who are insured with Union Krankenversicherung. According to CGM, almost every second privately insured person in Germany can take advantage of the offer.

Probably the most common application is invoicing receipts via the app. Debeka, for example, discontinued its previous application at the end of the year; Since January, insured persons have had to use the app “Meine Gesundheit” to submit their receipts. Those who activate the receipt of e-bills will soon be able to receive medical bills digitally and forward them to their insurance company.

But according to the operator, the app will be a “lifelong health account” where the insured will manage their complete health data. They should also be able to use the health account for all family members who are co-insured through them. “My health creates a secure network between patients, doctors and health insurance companies. This is how we overcome sector boundaries, simplify processes and relieve those involved, ”says CGM founder and major owner Frank Gotthardt.

“Whether it is an emergency, after a move, when changing doctors or when traveling – health data is valuable when it is easily accessible,” says the company. “Therefore, Meine Gesundheit offers privately insured the opportunity to securely receive, organize and store health data via smartphone, tablet or PC.” A unique and patented data protection concept ensures the security of sensitive data, the operating company continues.

App as a pharmacist …

Patients should also use the app when taking medication: “My health makes it easier to use medication responsibly, reminds me to take the right medication if desired, warns of unwanted risks when needed and thus supports the success of treatment” , says the promise.

… and medical mediators

Appointments can also be booked via the app: “Anyone who is ill and needs help wants to get it quickly and easily. That is why Meine Gesundheit offers those with private health insurance the opportunity to find doctors, hospitals and medicine shops via app or PC and to easily book appointments online. It is also very convenient outside office hours. “Currently, you can already show doctors by specialty and location, and you can also choose according to criteria such as e-bookings and e-invoicing, health insurance approval and office hours. Gender can also be distinguished. However, the tool does not work quite yet, when you book, the app crashes.

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