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Although the name vodka noodles makes you curious: the dish is not tasty because of the vodka, but because of plenty of butter and cream. © Christin Klose / dpa-tmn

Sometimes weird, sometimes from the celebrity kitchen: What cooking professionals say about pasta trend recipes from social networks – and what they would do differently.

Neuleiningen – Noodles always work. Maybe that’s why viral pasta recipes regularly make their way through social networks like Instagram and TikTok. But: What recipes can the culinary control pass?

Cheese sauce with one difference: baked feta pasta

Here’s how it works: Feta pasta is the mother of all pasta trends. A block of feta cheese is placed in a saucepan before adding cherry tomatoes, olive oil, garlic and spices. After 20 to 25 minutes in the oven, the feta cheese is soft and can be mixed with the other ingredients to form a sauce. Quickly stir in the cooked pasta – and dinner is on the table.

Work and washing dishes save who makes a pot of it. The bottom of the mold is lined with uncooked spaghetti, which is then completely covered with water or vegetable broth. Then add the feta cheese and other ingredients on top. With this variant, it takes about half an hour until everything is cooked.

This is what the experts say: Feta pasta gets good results from professional chefs. Cookbook author Domenico Gentile explains what makes the dish so special: “Fat does not melt as well as other types of cheese – it makes it nice and creamy.”

If you like your pasta even juicier, add a tablespoon of pasta water before mixing. The starch is combined well with the pasta and the sauce. It has a similar effect if you cook the noodles in the casserole, says Jakob Albermann, a member of the German national team of chefs. If you serve the pasta with a handful of fresh basil and a little grated lemon peel, the dinner tastes even more like a Mediterranean holiday.

But no mustard, please: Mac and Cheese after Rihanna

Here’s how it works: American cuisine in particular loves pasta dishes, which are unthinkable without strings of cheese. Traditionally, Mac and Cheese consists of short macaroni and a sauce based on cheese and milk. With pop star Rihanna, however, the recipe is a bit extravagant – she also uses ketchup, sweet chili sauce and mustard.

Something extravagant
Pop star Rihanna’s mac and cheese recipe is a little more extravagant – she also uses ketchup, sweet chili sauce and mustard for her pasta. © Brent N. Clarke / Invision / AP / dpa-tmn

That’s what the experts are saying: Rihanna’s Mac and Cheese variant is not boring. “The chili sauce gives a little heat, the ketchup a little acid,” says Domenico Gentile. One of Rihanna’s ingredients, however, the chefs absolutely do not agree with: “Mustard has no meaning, especially in combination with cheddar cheese”, says Gentile.

Snaps meet cream: vodka noodles based on Gigi Hadid

Here’s how it works: Although vodka paste is often mentioned online in the same breath as Gigi Hadid: the model did not invent the dish. Under the name “Penne Alla Vodka”, it has been a part of Italian-American cuisine since the 1970s. It’s a pasta sauce made from tomato passata, cream and chili flakes – and a dash of vodka. Before serving, melt a good chunk of butter in the sauce, followed by a good amount of parmesan.

Vodka Pasta
The vodka paste is often mentioned in the same breath as the model Gigi Hadid. However, the dish was known in Italian-American cuisine as early as the 1970s under the name “Penne Alla Vodka”. © Christin Klose / dpa-tmn

The experts say: No matter how curious the name is, the chefs are skeptical about whether it is actually the schnapps that makes the dish so good. – After all, vodka tastes quite neutral – and the taste of alcohol largely disappears during cooking, says Jakob Albermann. “It’s more the other ingredients that make the dish so good.” The fat from the cream and butter further enhances the flavors of the sauce. The parmesan does the rest.

With bite – but really: pasta chips

Here’s how it works: Do you nibble on some noodles on movie night? It works if you have pasta chips ready. Short noodles, such as penne or farfalle, are prepared for this. They are then mixed with a marinade made from olive oil, parmesan and spices such as garlic and paprika powder or oregano. In the last step, the noodles are baked in the oven until they are crispy and served with a dip.

This is what the experts say: Opinions differ when it comes to pasta chips. Domenico Gentile: “They are just dry-baked noodles – as you know it from the top layer of lasagna that has not had enough sauce.” He assumes that the crunch of noodle chips behaves differently than with potatoes – Chips are used to. “Potato chips are much thinner,” says Gentile. So if you want to try the pasta chips, it is better to choose a thin-walled type of pasta.

Jakob Albermann, on the other hand, can imagine that pasta chips are worth trying. He recommends using fresh herbs, which burn easily and become bitter during baking, only after baking.


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