Chicken salad with cucumber. You only need three ingredients for this recipe

Cut the cucumbers diagonally so that the summer salad loses weight – it looks nicer. Sabine Gudath

Cucumbers are full-bodied, healthy all-rounders. Today they are available as accessories in a very light salad, which can also be prepared wonderfully in advance. So nothing stands in the way of a healthy lunch break in the sun. The salad, which fills you up and melts the pounds, manages with just a few ingredients.

Ingredients for the recipe:

You need: 2 chicken breast fillets, 4 tablespoons olive oil, 2 teaspoons balsamic vinegar, half a bunch of chives, 1 cucumber, 1 tablespoon lemon juice, half a bunch of dill. A packet of feta cheese if you want.

How to prepare the salad with chicken for weight loss:

Do this: Cut the chicken into small pieces after you have lightly dabbed it with kitchen paper. add 1 tablespoon and 1 teaspoon of vinegar to a pan or wok and fry the meat. This takes about five minutes. Then the chicken strips will be nice and crispy.

The salad with chicken and cucumber can also be easily modified. Instead of cucumber, use only zucchini. dpa / Christin Klose

Wash the chives and shake it dry and then finely chop it. This works especially well with scissors. By the way: the chives’ flowers also taste fantastic and are a big eye-catcher in the meal. Peel the cucumber and cut into sticks. Preferably diagonally – it looks nicer. Mix chives and cucumber in a bowl.

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For the dressing, which goes well with the summer salad, mix the lemon juice with the remaining vinegar and season with salt and pepper. Add a splash of olive oil and add the chicken to the cucumbers.

Chop the dill and sprinkle over the salad. If you want, you can crumble half a packet of feta cheese over. Then the whole salad mixture becomes a little creamier. You are welcome to add some pomegranate seeds for the eye.

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Recipe for losing weight with cucumber and chicken

The water content of cucumbers is very high. You can almost never eat too much of it. Equally beneficial if you want to lose a few pounds is lean chicken. Protein fills you, but does not make you fat. A combination for professionals.

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The dill in the recipe is especially common in Nordic cuisine and gives the special freshness a kick. Dill seeds stimulate digestion, the green is full of minerals. The following applies: the more the better. Good apetite.


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