Classic recipes are back in vogue

When it comes to enjoyment, the focus is often on the future. What new dishes can possibly ensure that your own taste is spoiled. But what about the recipes that have a certain tradition? They have long been forgotten. Now they come more and more to the fore. who else a good recipe for mashed potatoes has in hand is therefore well serviced.

Large selection of restaurants – the search for the classic

In every major city today there is a selection of restaurants Big. There are contact points for pizza and pasta, for Asian food and also for Indian cuisine. The desire to try exotic food has long influenced the restaurant industry. International restaurants are still very important today. But it also shows that more and more people are looking for restaurants where the classic recipes are on the menu.

Childhood memories really play an important role here. Long summers and cozy Christmases were celebrated in the family – with a good meal. Potato salad with sausage, goose with red cabbage or a warming soup are just a few examples. But even when it comes to eating at home, many are very happy to go back to the old recipes.

These classics come back to the table more often

The good old potato salad is available in different varieties. Here, too, opinions differ. There is potato salad with or without mayonnaise, it can be cooked with or without meat. Many different traditional recipes for potato salad are in circulation and it is not uncommon for these to be versions that are passed down from generation to generation. The ingredients are often a real secret and the taste is incomparable.

Some of the classic recipes come from certain regions and are mainly found there. This is, for example, the crust steak. It is cooked mainly in southern Germany and served here. It takes a little more time for this recipe, as the roast with the crust should be left in the oven for several hours if possible.

Kale – you love it or you do not like it

One of the most controversial recipes is kale with pinkel. Every year at the Christmas market, visitors are happy when they finally eat kale again. This recipe can also be served at home. Served with potatoes and biscuits, it should evoke many childhood memories.

In general, dishes with potatoes are very widespread and popular in Germany. The versatile variants that are possible here ensure a varied menu. Of potatoes With mustard celebrations, fried potatoes and potato pancakes with apple puree, anything is possible.

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