Cult snack: The recipe for fried fish in the fish oasis Ueckermünde comes from Rosi

The Dutch food truck still does a good job after 30 years. It was once taken to the lagoon by Rosi Neumann and set up on the old boulevard in Ueckermünde. She and her husband Peter always had Uecker right under their noses when cooking. “She was a good businesswoman,” said Detlef Pohl, who runs Fischoase today. With her way, but also with her snacks, she developed the place. She quickly made a name for herself. Customers are especially fond of her fried fish. When the “butter ships” with duty-free shopping left the port for Poland, there were sometimes several buses at the quay. A number of passengers would then have provided themselves with a fish sandwich. Business was booming.

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The new owner also experienced the butter rides

In 2002, the fish oasis changed owners. Detlef Pohl was awarded the contract and until 2003 he also experienced butter rides and the passengers who accompanied them. Pohl previously ran the youth club in Torgelow and always had to do with gastronomy at the events. For years he ran discos in Wilhelmsburg and Strasburg, and was also traveling as a disco. “I still have to put up with the system,” said the 61-year-old. In 2002, he changed his life. Since then, he has run the snack bar with his wife Ines. In 2018, he expanded the car internally and externally. A real roof was added. But the recipe for fried fish has remained the same over the years, he assures. Last year, the snack bar in Mönkebude was added.

Although the restaurant’s name promises many fish dishes, guests do not just come here to eat fish. A crowd of regular customers gather, especially in the morning. There is always Jürgen Runge, Jürgen Schwebmeyer and Manfred Uterhardt, who all just call “Mecki” and who are available to fish long before six o’clock. Norbert Leischow and Roland Sauck are also at the party. “We usually meet here at 9:30 or 10 in the morning,” Sauck reports. Drink a coffee and smoke a cigarette. “We exchange the latest catch results,” adds Leischow. And together you can enjoy the view of the Ueckerwasser.

Another regular at the next table is here almost every morning. “When I come in, my coffee is already ready,” says Peter Klinger. You have known each other for years. He does not want to miss it.

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Live music is celebrated on Sunday

Detlef Pohl is happy that he can put the Corona period behind him with a long dry period of exclusive sales outside the home. On April 1, he opened the snack bar with his permanent employees and temps for the 20th year and will keep it open until the end of October. “We live more on holidaymakers,” he says. There is still a shortage of tourists. But it’s only May, he admits to himself and is in good spirits ahead of the high season. In the summer, his wife and the other employees are always busy from noon. There is sometimes a queue during rush hour.

Since the snack bar has been at Alter Bollwerk for 30 years and Pohl took it over 20 years ago, the anniversary will be celebrated on Sunday. The operator has invited the band Collec Tiv from 2 pm. She plays music to make you smile. She would have provided famous titles with her own lyrics.

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