Hochzoll: Twelve Apostles Pharmacy even more digital

Tolvapostlapoteket is versatile. Orders via the app are no problem and the e-recipe is completely new.

Zwölf Apostel Apotheke is known for extensive service and always something new for the benefit of its customers. And the ten-man strong team around owner Felix Rehm and branch manager Ingrid Schott is very versatile. “Now we are in the starting pits for the paperless, electronic prescription, or in short ‘good e-prescription’!” Explains Rehm, who also owns the old pharmacy on the square in meringue belongs to.

The pharmacy has long offered many alternatives in addition to shopping on site. You can order by phone, fax, digitally via email or via the app. – Many people use it to order online and pick up the medicine on site, which is usually possible after a maximum of three hours, says Schott. “But we are also happy to deliver what you have ordered to your home if you want,” she adds.

They take a lot of time to give customers expert advice: part of the team at Zwölf Apostel Apotheke (from left): Olga Duttenhöfer, Brigitte Lorch, Claudia Kirr, Michaela Miehle and branch manager Ingrid Schott.

Photo: Brigitte Fregin

The pharmacy app can also be used to photograph and transfer prescriptions. “Now it’s all expanded to include the so-called ‘e-prescription’,” Rehm explains. All you have to do is download the free app Gesund.de and scan the 2D code for the e-prescription. Then simply select Tolvapostlapoteket “In this way, you can save double travel and waiting times,” says Rehm. The e-prescription simplifies personal health care. The prescriptions can still be obtained from the doctor. It is now possible to solve into Twelve Apostle Pharmacy anywhere thanks to the Gesund.de app.

Online store for the Twelve Apostles’ Pharmacy

The online store for Zwölf Apostel Apotheke (www.apotheke-mering.de) is very popular, so it is no wonder that there are regularly attractive monthly offers and best-selling items, just like at the local pharmacy. Until March 31, a 25 percent discount will be given on all online purchases worth 25 euros.

“Since last year, we have had exclusive dietary supplements made from pure, high-quality ingredients in our own brand in our range,” reports Rehm. “This means that we can offer you controlled pharmacists of the highest quality at a reasonable price. The products are characterized by very good tolerability and bioavailability,” says Rehm.

Since 2021, there have been exclusive dietary supplements made from pure, high-quality raw materials in our own brand in the range.

Photo: Brigitte Fregin

You can get comprehensive advice on this, as well as on all other medicines, from the staff at Tolvapostlapoteket. You take a lot of time on it. The team at the popular pharmacy is also known for its great expertise in the field of herbal medicine, the phytotek. The specialists are aware of the healing effects of herbal medicines. “They have only a few side effects or interactions and can even be given to young children at an early stage,” says Schott.

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Twelve Apostles Pharmacy at a glance:


Twelve Apostles’ Square 16

86163 Augsburg

Phone (08 21) 2 63 91 60

Fax (08 21) 2 63 91 61

Email info@zwoelf-apostel-apotheke.de

opening hours

Monday to Friday

8.00 to 18.30

Saturday 8.00 to 12.30


– Free courier service for urgently needed medicines

– Free pre-order via app or phone

– Dimensions of compression stockings and bandages

– Delivery of care products according to standard amounts

– Rental of equipment such as breast pumps, blood pressure monitors, baby scales and more

Measurement of blood sugar or blood pressure


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