Ingstetten: Hobby baker reveals his recipe for a quick Easter cake in “Zuckerguss”.

Marlies Mayer from Ingstetten reveals her recipe for success against stress at Easter in the new icing booklet: A quick cake that does a lot.

This cake is an exquisite work of art: Marlies Mayer from Ingstetten has contributed to the current edition of glazethe newspaper involved. It not only tastes good to her grandchildren – but also gives the passionate baker a more relaxed Easter.

Also this year, the cake will be on the festive Easter table at Mayerhemmet when her five children and eight grandchildren come to visit. Then it should be a cake that you can bake in good time, Mayer explains and adds that the piece would taste even better if it had time to stand. The cake is not only a highlight on the table, but also a recipe for success against stress: After all, the enthusiastic housewife wants to devote her full attention to her children and grandchildren on holiday, as she says.

Ingstettern wants to make people happy with their pastries

Because for Mayer, a homemade cake is not just a way to be measured. Rather, the sweet pastries are the best way for them to make their fellow human beings happy. It is not uncommon for their neighbors, friends and acquaintances to enjoy pastries and a cup of coffee. “It connects and shows that you think of each other.” It can also be a jar of jam with fruit from your own garden, as she says.

“I am a natural person who processes what our Lord God gives us throughout the year,” she explains, proudly pointing to the yard where her own cows and chickens are in the pasture. Mayer apparently passed on his love of the farm to his eldest grandson: the eight-year-old’s first journey leads directly to his grandmother’s work trousers and on to the chicken farm, where he collects the eggs.

And this is how the “quick Easter cake” works: For the pastries, an egg is separated, beaten until it snows, the egg yolk is stirred with sugar, lemon and cinnamon until it becomes foamy, before rum, nuts and finely grated carrots are mixed in. Baking powder and flour are then mixed and stirred in the batter alternately with the beaten egg whites. “The sugar can also be a little less than what is stated in the recipes,” says the amateur baker. After the cake has been in the oven for 50 minutes and has cooled, decorate the tempting pastry with small carrots, rabbits or eggs made from marzipan and cream.

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