Interview with Jana Ina Zarrella: Giovanni’s mother is the world’s best chef – entertainment

Jana Ina Zarella cooks more by feeling than by recipe. Photo: Coca Cola

Jana Ina Zarella is Brazilian, her husband Giovanni Italian. In an interview, the host tells what is on the table at home and how to meet for a “holy” family meal despite two careers.

Italian, Brazilian or German – what does the Zarrella family really put on the table? And who is most in the kitchen – Jana Ina (45) or Giovanni (44)? As part of Coca-Cola’s “Family Bonding” campaign, the presenter provides insights into her family life with her husband Giovanni and their two children and reveals a very personal recipe.

Dear Jana Ina, you are Brazilian, your husband Giovanni is Italian and your children were born in Germany. Which national cuisine has dominated you?

Jana Ina Zarella: We actually eat everything, but we often have Italian on the table. My husband loves pizza, our daughter loves pasta. Still, I always try to find a healthy balance so that everyone is happy, gets enough vitamins and always discovers something new in between.

Who cooks better, you or your husband?

Zarella: In the beginning of our relationship, Giovanni was the better cook in our family. I did not have much experience and he learned a lot from his mother. But I have gotten better and better over the years. Nowadays I mostly cook at home.

What makes Giovanni particularly good at cooking?

Zarella: Like I said, his mom is the best chef in the world. How could he not cook there? Giovanni is especially good at cooking Swabian dishes. In this family, cooking is simply in the genes.

And what is your specialty? Which dishes do you prefer to cook? Is there any right that will definitely bring the family together and not be missed?

Zarella: We always have different dishes to eat. What everyone likes to eat is, for example, risotto. Or, if we’re planning a movie night, I’m cooking Chili’s Carne – deliberately with a meat substitute, because I’ve not eaten meat in two years. But if I want to make everyone happy, there is pizza. I always aim for it.

You both have successful careers, do you even manage to eat together regularly as a family?

Zarella: Family meals together after work or on the weekends are sacred to us. I think it’s very important that we meet while we eat, exchange ideas and experience moments of enjoyment together – that’s exactly what Coca-Cola wants to inspire with the “Family Bonding” campaign. Because it’s magical when we eat together! That’s why my husband and I always drive home after work if possible so we can have dinner with the kids and then put them to bed. This is a ritual we do not want to miss.

You created your own recipe for the “Family Bonding” campaign, what does it look like?

Zarella: I created a vegetarian recipe, which tastes really good at home. It goes fast, what is important for the family’s everyday life is healthy and tastes good for everyone. Baked sweet potatoes with spinach and feta cheese – everyone can find the ingredients in the supermarket, so they are also practical.

Do you cook according to a recipe or according to your feelings?

Zarella: In the beginning, I cooked everything according to the recipe. I improvise a lot these days. A little more spices, salt, pepper – it all depends on your feelings. That’s the only problem I have when I post it on Instagram and people ask for the recipe. There may be no recipe at all.


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