Klauss with a simple recipe, a luxury problem and an idea

FC Nürnberg is the favorite in the home match against Dynamo Dresden – coach Robert Klauß also sees it that way. However, he appeals to his players’ attitude so that such a debacle against Ingolstadt is not repeated.

Robert Klauss and FC Nürnberg are aware of their role as favorites.
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It’s an attractive perspective: here FCN, who have won four times in a row, can count on the support of at least 28,000 spectators at their own stadium, where the team from Dresden, who have been without a win in eight matches and have been in relegation difficulties, with Kevin Ehlers and Ransford -Yeboah Königsdorfer also injured two important regular players.

FCN coach Robert Klauß, who is otherwise very reserved on issues like this, sees the fact that this leaves the club as clear favorites in the match on Sunday, even though he warns against the opponent’s quality: “We have the role of favorites. “.

And clearer than in a long time, which in turn evokes bad memories for one or the other club fan. The constellation was similar before the Ingolstadt game, except that the duel with Schanzer took place under headlights.

We have to get our basics on the pitch from the start, and we did not manage to do that for a second against Ingolstadt.

At that time, the team’s expectations, which were only focused on victory, from the outside as well as their own, were known to be miserable, they never found their game, delivered their by far worst performance of the season and ended up badly under wheels with 0: 5. “There are parallels, no doubt about it,” says Klauss, whose recipe for avoiding déjà vu is simple. “We have to lay our groundwork on the pitch from the start, and we did not manage to do that for a second against Ingolstadt.”

However, he believes that the risk of a repeat is very low after everything that his protégés offered him on the training ground this week. “The telecommunications team makes a very confident impression, but is at the same time very focused,” said the 37-year-old.

For him, it is far, far away that after the supposedly easy match against Dresden with Heidenheim, Darmstadt and Werder, three groundbreaking matches await for promotion: “So far we have done well just to look to the next match. Be more than counterproductive, especially in this league. ”

So Dresden, nothing else. And there it looks, as far as the staff is concerned, from the best. After there was a small question mark during the week behind right-back Kilian Fischer, who recently emerged due to a capsule irritation in the ankle, and his coach has now removed it, FCN has only one luxury problem to solve in terms of line-up.

Spoiled for choice on the double six

Linus Tempelmann has served his yellow card suspension, his double-six representative, Tom Krauss, represented him so convincingly in the 3-0 win in Dresden that you can not really put him on the bench. The latter, however, also applies one-to-one for Fabian Nürnberger, which at first glance gives the formula: three men in impressive form for the double six is ​​one too many for the starting eleven.

At second glance, of course, all three can start very well, for example Tempelmann and Krauss on the double six and a little further ahead of Nürnberger on the third row in the attacking midfield. As expected, Klauss does not show his cards, but only reveals that “we have an idea and we will explain it to the team after the last training session.”

Nuremberg’s club management calls for the collection of first aid bags

If you look beyond football, FCN can not in a sense lose the match on Sunday. The club’s management, who has not only emphasized their social responsibility on paper for many years, but also lives it with many campaigns, urges all stadium visitors to bring first aid bags.

These are collected and then taken to Ukraine in an aid convoy. Incidentally, this is just one of many measures that FCN would like to help the victims of the terrible war in Ukraine – the association has published all other measures on its website.

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