Make Bigos yourself!

Bigos is a stew with sauerkraut, cabbage and meat popular in Poland. Image / agefotostock

What do you think of when you think of Polish cuisine? Maybe the popular Karpatka cake? Maybe to Pierogi? Definitely Bigos sauerkraut stew. Because it is considered to be Poland’s national law – although it is also very common in other countries such as Belarus and Lithuania.

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The court was first mentioned in the 15th century. However, historians assume that it is much older. After all, it offered many benefits: It is a classic stew – and can be kept for a comparatively long time after preparation. And so that it does not water more in the mouth, here is the recipe for Bigos!

The ingredients for delicious bigos like from Poland

For 5 people you need 500 grams of fresh sauerkraut, 350 grams of cabbage, 200 grams of beef, 200 grams of pork, 200 grams of sausage (krakauer, kabanossi or other Silesian sausage), 2 onions, 1 clove of garlic, 10 grams of smoked bacon, 300 milliliters of beef broth, 5 allspice, 5 junipers, 1 bay leaf, 1 tablespoon tomato puree, cumin, marjoram, pepper, salt, oil for frying.

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Bigos are often made in large portions for the whole family. Imago / YAY pictures

The recipe for Polish Bigos

Here’s how it works: The most important instruction when making Bigos is: Give yourself and the right time, because the longer the stews, the tastier it will be in the end.

First you need to prepare the ingredients. Let the fresh sauerkraut drain and cut it so that the cabbage threads are no longer than 5 centimeters. Cut the fresh cabbage in the same way. Cut the meat and sausage into pieces with an edge length of one to two centimeters. The onion and garlic are chopped and then cooking begins.

Heat the oil in a very large saucepan and fry the meat (not the sausage) in it in individual portions on all sides, then take out and store in a bowl.

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Then add the bacon, onion and garlic in the same pot. When both are translucent, first add the cabbage and a few minutes later the sauerkraut and tomato puree. Mix everything together and continue frying.

When the cabbage has collapsed, add allspice, juniper berries, cumin, marjoram and the meat to the casserole, stir everything together and glaze the casserole with the nut broth. Season with salt and pepper as well.

Now close the lid and let everything simmer for two hours. Check the pot from time to time to make sure nothing is burning. If it is at its worst, add broth or water.

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After two hours, the meat should be tender and have adopted the flavors from the spices. Now put the sausage in the pot and let it cook for another 20 to 25 minutes with the lid open so that the liquid can reduce better.

A good clique of sour cream or crème fraîche goes well with Bigos. Have a nice meal!

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