Make Oreos yourself: A vegan DIY recipe

You can easily make Oreos yourself. Like the original, our Oreo recipe is vegan and intensely chocolate-like, but contains no palm oil.

With its sour, chocolate biscuits and creamy, sweet filling, Oreos has long been a popular snack. It is is oreos vegan but there are still some ingredients in the biscuit that many want to avoid – especially palm oil.

But even without palm oil and possibly with less sugar, the cocoa biscuits with cream filling taste good. This is evidenced by our safe vegan recipe for homemade Oreos. These taste good for afternoon coffee or as part of one desserts in stock.

Make Oreos Yourself: The Vegan Recipe

DIY Oreos are vegan, just like the original.
(Photo: Lea Winkelmann / Utopia)

Make Oreos yourself (vegan)

  • Preparation: about 30 minutes
  • Rest time: about 60 minutes
  • Cooking / baking time: about 15 minutes
  • Quantity: 12 pieces