Make wild garlic gnocchi yourself: a simple recipe

Wild garlic gnocchi is a delicious, spring-like dish. The preparation takes some time, but is not complicated. We present the recipe.

From mid-March to early May wild garlic season. If you want to pick it up yourself, you have to take good care of it Correct recognition of wild garlic and not to be confused with the poisonous lily of the valley or autumn crocus. But you can also do it in your garden Plant wild garlic.

There are many different Wild garlic recipewhich you can try. Here we present a recipe for wild garlic gnocchi. You can have gnocchi vegetarian Prepare with eggs, but also vegan. Use only a vegan egg substitute. When it comes to ingredients, make sure they are organic. In this way, they support an agriculture that does not use chemical-synthetic pesticides and thus protects the environment and health.

Recipe for wild garlic gnocchi

Wild garlic gnocchi

  • Preparation: about 40 minutes
  • Cooking / baking time: about 30 minutes
  • Amount: 2 servings