Make your doner kebab yourself – here’s the recipe!

Make your doner kebab yourself. IMAGO / Aviation warehouse

Meat, salad, tomatoes, onions, lots of sauce and all that in crispy flatbread – the doner kebab is and remains the most popular fast food among Germans. We complete 550 tons of doner kebab – every day!

The Döner kebab was invented by Turkish immigrants in Berlin. So the doner kebab is almost German. And he is celebrating his 50th birthday this year. Unless there is a reason to finally prepare a doner kebab yourself.

Yes, you can do that without rotisserie. Here is the recipe.

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The classic do-it-yourself doner kebab

What you need (for four servings):

800 grams of beef or beef (you can also use chicken), 4-5 tablespoons oil, 1 small onion, 2 cloves garlic, oregano, thyme, cumin, salt, pepper

1 large flatbread or 4 pide pockets, 100 grams of salad (eg Eisberg), 100 grams of cabbage, 100 grams of red cabbage, 2 onions, ½ tablespoon sugar, salt, pepper, 2 tablespoons white wine vinegar, 1 tbsp. of oil

2 tomatoes, 1 cucumber, pickled peppers, feta cheese to taste

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For the sauces:

400 grams of Greek yogurt (10% fat), 1 tablespoon mayonnaise, 1 squeeze of lemon juice, 4 cloves of garlic, herbs to taste (eg coriander, parsley, dill), salt, pepper, chili

75 grams sour cream, 25 grams tomato ketchup, 50 grams ajvar (spicy), esk teaspoon cayenne pepper, paprika powder, cumin, garlic granules (or freshly squeezed), salt

Crispy french fries go well with doner kebabs. IMAGO / Aviation warehouse

This is how it works:

Finely slice both types of cabbage, mix with salt and sugar and then let stand for at least 15 minutes. Then add vinegar and oil and let rest again – for at least an hour!

Put the meat in the freezer. Also for at least an hour. When it is frozen, you can cut it into wafer-thin slices with a sharp knife.

Finely chop the onion and finely chop the garlic. Add all the spices, salt and pepper to the meat and let stand for at least an hour.

For the yoghurt sauce mix the yogurt with the crushed garlic and the mayonnaise. Taste with salt, pepper, chili, herbs and lemon juice.

To the red sauce put all the above ingredients in the mixer and mix thoroughly.

Cut the salad into strips and the tomatoes into eighths. The onion should be cut into half rings, the cucumber into slices.

Brown the marinated meat in hot oil in a pan. It should be crispy.

Now quarter the flatbread and cut up or cut into the pide pockets. Bake in a hot oven at 180 degrees for a few minutes.

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Now fold out the bread and spread the underside with the yoghurt sauce.

Add meat, salad, vegetables and cabbage. Put a click of the hot sauce on top. If you want, add feta cubes to taste. Finished.

Have a nice meal!

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