Oatmeal Crumble: A quick recipe with seasonal fruit

Oatmeal crumb is a healthy version of the delicious crumb. We tell you how you can easily bake the crumbs with fresh seasonal fruit yourself.

The oatmeal is baked quickly and with just a few ingredients. The crunchy crumbs go especially well with juicy seasonal fruit.

porridge contains many important nutrients and thus contributes to a balanced diet. They are naturally free of wheat gluten (gluten) and therefore suitable for a gluten-free diet. If you find “gluten-free oat flakes” in the supermarket, it means the following: Manufacturers pay special attention to the fact that no residues and traces of wheat enter the oat flakes and packaging during production. This is special on one celiac disease Important.

You can modify our recipe for oatmeal crumbs presented here wonderfully and prepare it with new fruit over and over again.

Regional and seasonal: fruit for oatmeal

Choose fresh, seasonal fruit for the oatmeal. (Photo: CC0 / Pixabay / epicantus)

Choose fresh, seasonal fruit for your oatmeal crumb. This spring seasonal calendar you will find a great overview of when what vegetables and fruits are in season.

Buy your fruit whenever possible regional and organic trade. This way you avoid long transport routes with piles CO2 emissions. In addition, food from organic farming is free of chemical synthetics pesticides and carry to one sustainable agriculture on.

You get this seasonal fruit from regional cultivation and fits well with the crumb recipe:

  • Rhubarb: April to June inclusive
  • Blueberries: June to September inclusive
  • Strawberries: June to September
  • Raspberries: July through September
  • Blackberries: July through September
  • Plums and damson: July through October
  • Apples: August through November (from storage to April)
  • Pear: September (from storage to January)

Tip: Use as needed boiled fruit from stock. So you can eat a delicious oatmeal crumb with plums, for example, even in winter.

Make your own oatmeal crumb

Oatmeal crumbs taste slightly nutty and sweet.
Oatmeal crumbs taste slightly nutty and sweet. (Photo: CC0 / Pixabay / nadja-golitschek)

Oatmeal crumbs with seasonal fruit

  • Preparation: about 20 minutes
  • Cooking / baking time: about 25 minutes
  • Amount: 6 serving (s)