Make spaghetti ice cream yourself … how does it work? With the potato trick! Ingenious recipe with varieties of tomato sauce, carbonara, pesto

Spaghetti ice cream is a real classic – but how do you make it so good at home? COURIER reveals the trick. image / epd It’s getting warmer outside, in many German households the freezers are being filled with ice cream – croissants outside, summer is here! When you think of long summer afternoons from … Read more

Make your own ice cream without an ice cream machine! With this recipe with three ingredients, you can conjure up any ice cream in the world

Vanilla ice cream is super easy to make yourself from three ingredients – and the basic recipe can be refined with many ingredients. image / Panthermedia Already last week it was a few warm days – and if the weather develops like this, it can only get warmer. Summer is already knocking on the door … Read more

Recipe “Asparagus Potato Soup with Roasted Pears” | – Guide

by Rainer Sass Print PDF – + people) Ingredients for the soup: 1 kg White asparagus 1 kg floury potatoes 2.5 l vegetable broth 200 ml olive oil Salt sugar nutmeg Peel the potatoes and asparagus and cut into pieces or slices. Put the prepared ingredients in a saucepan and add the broth until everything … Read more

Biancomangiare: Sicilian dessert recipe –

Biancomangiare is a Sicilian pudding made from almond milk, lemon and cinnamon. You can easily prepare the vegan dessert yourself at home. You can find the recipe here. Biancomangiare literally means “white food” and that is exactly what the term means. Originally, biancomangiare could be any dish, whether sweet or salty, made from white ingredients. … Read more

Thüringer Rostbrätel based on an original recipe from the GDR – now we’ll light the grill!

Really good only from the grill: Thüringer Rostbrätel IMAGO / Karina Hessland It’s summer time, it’s barbecue time. The best opportunity for a really delicious specialty from Thuringia. “Rostbrätel” is a real national dish next to the bratwurst. It is served with plenty of braised onions and – of course – marinated in beer. And … Read more