Nutrition – Recipe for yakitori skewer with sesame – Economy

Cologne (dpa / tmn) – Chicken in an intensely spicy-sweet marinade grilled over an open fire: the classic street food from Japan is now available in many sushi bars. The meat skewer can also be cooked quite easily at home. The teriyaki sauce made from soy sauce, mirin and sake and a large amount of … Read more

E-recipe: The farce goes into the next round

Not only the coronavirus pandemic has proved impressive in Germany, where there is still a serious lack of digitization. In addition to schools and authorities, other sectors also show clear discrepancies between wishful thinking and reality when it comes to promising technologies. Another example is in the e-prescription project, which has now become a farce. … Read more

This cheap soup is good for the whole family

Delicious, sliced ​​sausages round off the vegetable soup perfectly. Take the opportunity to try the recipe! image / Frank oro Winter time is soup time – only the cold season will obviously not be much longer. Spring is slowly approaching. Time to enjoy the soup season again. Why not try this delicious vegetable stew made … Read more

Italian classic: With this recipe by Jamie Oliver, your lasagna will be perfect

With minced meat, lots of vegetables or a vegan mince substitute – lasagne can be cooked with a variety of ingredients. The approach varies a lot from recipe to recipe: Which spices go well together? When should the bechamel sauce be cooked? And how long does it take for the cheese to turn into the … Read more

Recipe for solyanka with the trick overnight

February 22, 2022 at 18.46 Spoon twice as good : Recipe for solyanka with the trick overnight The spicy sour solyankan gets a dollop of sour cream as a topping. Photo: Doreen Hassek / Berlin Even if it’s difficult, you should resist the temptation to spoon up the soup from food blogger Doreen Hassek. … Read more

Meat & climate change: 12 vegan meat options – with seitan recipes

Save the climate with less meat? According to a study by WWF, German consumption of animal foods such as meat and sausages averages 817 grams per capita per week. Together with milk and dairy products, this currently accounts for about 70 percent of the diet-related greenhouse gas emissions. According to WWF, if the Germans’ meat … Read more