SAAM knows the recipe for series compensation! –

Uncheck, regenerate well and strike back in Ljubljana: “Adler” wants to balance the series on Friday night (Hala Tivoli, match start: 19:45, live on free TV on Puls 24).

For that, however, a performance increase is needed – head coach Rob Daum: “It is important to build on the performance from the third third of the game. We played almost as I imagine it. We must improve in all respects, learn from our mistakes. We are now fully focused on Game 2 on Friday to acknowledge the series immediately! ”

The blue and whites see the well-known Villach virtues as the key to success – heart and toughness: “We have to end every control, especially in the playoffs, because the Slovenes do not like it at all. The harder we play, the greater the chance of winning”, said Marco Richter , the heart of the fighter.

It was without a doubt a very bitter home loss last night at the beginning of the play-off quarter-final series for “Adler”. The frustration in the team was still felt in the morning training today. Precisely because they had planned so much and wanted to take the momentum from the last basic round, which was so strong, into the playoffs. It did not go as hoped in match 1 against strong and skilled Slovenes, at least not during the first 39 minutes. Because you were already hopeless with 1: 5 goals behind. Only during the last third did “Adler” regain its usual strength. However, the next race to catch up came too late and was not rewarded in the end!

The playoffs have their own laws. Only the moment counts. That’s why it’s important to put the defeat behind us and focus fully on match 2: “We played really badly in the first two thirds of the match. We only found our game in the last 20 minutes. We must build on that. Above all, we must end controls, keep them busy and, in particular, avoid turnover. We played them in the hands – they waited for it and then coldly converted their chances with quick counterattacks, says Philipp Lindner
plain text. The defender, who has already reached the playoffs with Innsbruck, Graz and Salzburg and played a total of 14 matches, is making the best season of his career this year in terms of points. With a goal and an assist, the strong defender, who also convinces with qualities in the offensive, holds a total of 19 points.

Fighter heart Marco Richter sees it in a similar way, who fought a boxing match with the Slovenian Mark Cepon in the third third: “We gave them far too many chances in the first two thirds, allowed too many turnovers. But we have to bring in a lot more toughness in the match from now on, especially against Laibach. We must end every control and remember the Villach virtues such as heart, passion and toughness, because that is exactly what the Slovenes do not like at all. The harder we play, the greater the chance of winning. “

EM GRAND Immo VSV’s head coach Rob Daum can pull on the whole squad tomorrow Friday – all players are in shape and want revenge in Laibach.

HK SZ Olimpija – EC GRAND Immo VSV
Friday 11 March 2022 / Hala Tivoli / Start: 19:45
Live on free TV on Pulse 24, image: VSV / Krammer

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