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Black Forest cake: a classic that you can also bake in a simple variant. © Image

Heavy cake baking was yesterday. With this recipe, you can simply bake the Black Forest classic as a tin cake.

The Black Forest cake is a real highlight in terms of taste and appearance. But many hobby bakers are reluctant to prepare because they imagine it is so complicated. The following recipe proves that the classic can also be baked “simple”. Highlight: instead of adding sponge cake, cherries and cream alternately as with the cake, you need to use plate cake version just put everything together once: soak the base with kirsch, add cherries and top with cream. Finished. So you can finish baking faster and easier, but the result tastes as good as the original.

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The Black Forest Gate as a cake: the ingredients

for 1 tray – about 24 pieces
50 minutes
15 minutes

For the dough:

  • 5 eggs
  • 1 pinch of salt
  • 5 tablespoons water
  • 200 grams of sugar
  • 1 packet vanilla sugar
  • 150 grams of flour
  • 50 g cornstarch
  • 1 packet of baking powder
  • 50 grams of cocoa powder

To cover:

  • 3 glasses of sour cherries (morello cherries)
  • 2 packets of custard powder
  • 40 ml cherry
  • 4 cups whipped cream
  • 2 packs of whipped cream
  • 1 packet vanilla sugar
  • 50 g grated chocolate

Sample image – not the recipe image itself.

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Black Forest cake from the plate: How to bake the classic lighter

  1. First, heat the oven to 180 ° C top / bottom heat. Line a sheet with parchment paper or an alternative.
  2. To the biscuit first separate the eggs. Using a hand mixer or food processor, beat the egg whites with salt and water until stiff, add sugar and vanilla sugar. Then add the egg yolks and stir gently.
  3. Mix flour with maizena, baking powder and cocoa separately. Sift the dry ingredients into the egg mixture and turn gently.
  4. Spread the batter on the baking sheet and bake the sponge cake in the oven for about 15 minutes. Then turn out the biscuit dough and peel off the baking paper. Let cool.
  5. To cover drain the cherries, save the cherry juice. Set aside 24 cherries for garnish. Mix 150 milliliters of cherry juice with the custard powder until smooth. Boil 350 milliliters of the cherry juice on the stove and stir in the mixed vanilla sauce powder. Add the cherries and simmer for a minute.
  6. Soak the cooled sponge cake base with kirsch and spread the cherry pudding mixture on top. Let it cool again.
  7. Finally, whip the cream with whipping cream until hard, let the vanilla sugar seep in. Put some of the whipped cream in a spirit bag. Spread the remaining whipped cream over the cherry layer.
  8. Decoration: Sprinkle 24 dots of whipped cream on the cake and decorate each with a cherry. Sprinkle the cake with chocolate chips.

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Tips on juicy biscuits: This is how the dough works

If it was the sponge cake that prevented you from baking a cake recipe from the Black Forest, you should definitely follow these tips, which ensure a fluffy and not dry sponge cake:

  • Whisk the egg whites well and long and do not stir the ingredients but carefully turn them over. In this way, the volume is not wasted.
  • Gradually sift the dry ingredients into the egg mixture and turn gently. How to avoid lumps.
  • Bake the dough immediately, do not leave it for long. But first heat the oven and never open it during the baking time, otherwise the dough will collapse.
  • Bake the sponge cake with top and bottom heat instead of circulating air – and do not leave it in the oven for too long! The biscuits from the mold will hook on, so it is better to take it out of the oven earlier than too late.
  • To remove the parchment paper from the fallen biscuit, soak it in water.

Also delicious and a smart modification of the well-known Black Forest Gateeau are chocolatey Black Forest cherry brownies. Happy baking and good appetite! (crazy)

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