This recipe makes it really crispy

Try baked cauliflower with crispy breading. IMAGO / imagebroker Do you love cauliflower? With all rights! This delicious vegetable is so versatile and so delicious and healthy. You may already be familiar with cauliflower as a stew or processed into cauliflower and cheese medallions. But have you ever breaded it? If not here’s a new … Read more

This is how the leftovers become the perfect evening meal

Cauliflower is healthy, low in calories and can be cooked in many ways – including with cauliflower and cheese medallions. Try the recipe. IMAGO / Westend61 Leftovers have never tasted better – we promise! Because if you still have some left over from the healthy and low-calorie vegetables after a delicious meal with fresh cauliflower … Read more

Why not try cauliflower meatballs – simply delicious, sooo useful and made really fast!

The delicious cauliflower meatballs are not only vegetarian, but also healthy and tasty. Imago pictures Generations only knew cauliflower cooked as an accompaniment to roasting and with a roux sauce. But have you ever tried these delicious meatballs? It does not always have to be meatballs. With cauliflower, they are also especially spicy. And you … Read more

Recipe: Spicy and unusual – Whole cauliflower with Nduja butter

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