Chicken salad with cucumber. You only need three ingredients for this recipe

Cut the cucumbers diagonally so that the summer salad loses weight – it looks nicer. Sabine Gudath Cucumbers are full-bodied, healthy all-rounders. Today they are available as accessories in a very light salad, which can also be prepared wonderfully in advance. So nothing stands in the way of a healthy lunch break in the sun. … Read more

This recipe is brilliant – and much more than just an accessory on the grill buffet

You can prepare a delicious lager salad for the barbecue buffet. Here comes the recipe. IMAGO / Shot Shop You wanted to use the long Easter weekend with the nice sunny weather for a small party with family or friends? It’s time to grill! And what belongs to every barbecue buffet – of course a … Read more

Recipe for yakitori skewers with sesame

Chicken in an intensely spicy-sweet marinade grilled over an open fire: the classic street food from Japan is now available in many sushi bars. The meat skewer can also be cooked quite easily at home. The teriyaki sauce made from soy sauce, mirin and sake and a large amount of sugar ensures that the meat … Read more