Chicken salad with cucumber. You only need three ingredients for this recipe

Cut the cucumbers diagonally so that the summer salad loses weight – it looks nicer. Sabine Gudath Cucumbers are full-bodied, healthy all-rounders. Today they are available as accessories in a very light salad, which can also be prepared wonderfully in advance. So nothing stands in the way of a healthy lunch break in the sun. … Read more

Why not try cauliflower meatballs – simply delicious, sooo useful and made really fast!

The delicious cauliflower meatballs are not only vegetarian, but also healthy and tasty. Imago pictures Generations only knew cauliflower cooked as an accompaniment to roasting and with a roux sauce. But have you ever tried these delicious meatballs? It does not always have to be meatballs. With cauliflower, they are also especially spicy. And you … Read more