Chicken salad with cucumber. You only need three ingredients for this recipe

Cut the cucumbers diagonally so that the summer salad loses weight – it looks nicer. Sabine Gudath Cucumbers are full-bodied, healthy all-rounders. Today they are available as accessories in a very light salad, which can also be prepared wonderfully in advance. So nothing stands in the way of a healthy lunch break in the sun. … Read more

This recipe is brilliant – and much more than just an accessory on the grill buffet

You can prepare a delicious lager salad for the barbecue buffet. Here comes the recipe. IMAGO / Shot Shop You wanted to use the long Easter weekend with the nice sunny weather for a small party with family or friends? It’s time to grill! And what belongs to every barbecue buffet – of course a … Read more

Bread with king oyster mushrooms, poached egg and tartar sauce – SWR4

Chef / chef: SWR4 presenter Corinne Schied SWR Jens Alinia Ingredients: 4 slices of farm bread, toastedevent. 2 cloves of garlic to rub1 handful of colorful salads, e.g. radicchio, fries salad, lamb salad200 g oyster mushrooms, cut into 1.5 cm slices Sunflower oil for fryingParsley, finely choppedsalt, pepper, honey a little lemon juice For Mayonnaise: … Read more