The best one-pot meals under 500 calories that can be made quickly

The best stews to cook at home

In the stressful everyday life, the home-cooked dinner is quickly replaced by an order from the delivery service or simply omitted. Time plays a particularly important role here: After a long day at work, there is often a lack of muse and motivation to cook a healthy and delicious dinner.

The solution: meals in a pot. The food trend promises simple and quickly prepared dishes with little effort. In this way, a fresh and healthy dinner can be prepared despite a short time. How it works? Promise, it’s not complicated at all.

What is a one pot meal?

The name “One-Pot” already reveals what this food trend is all about: all the ingredients are cooked in just one pan. So these are simple and time-saving recipes. With her popular “One-Pot-Pasta”, the American TV chef Martha Stewart started a worldwide trend with many different possibilities. Because in addition to pasta or a classic stew, ingredients such as rice, vegetables or fish also come into the stew.

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The principle is simple: all the ingredients go down in the pot along with the spices and liquid. By cooking all the ingredients together, the flavors are combined and a delicious sauce is created. The result: a delicious dish without spending hours in the kitchen. (Do you want to try a vegan breakfast? Then here are three quick recipes for you)

One Pot recipe: easy and fast

As already mentioned, basically everything can go in the pot. First, each stew needs a base, such as potatoes, pasta, rice or quinoa. Of course, vegetables should not be missing here either. Tomatoes, zucchini, broccoli or onions are especially suitable. The whole thing can be supplemented with meat and fish as desired. Spices and herbs are also added to the saucepan and of course liquids such as water, broth or coconut milk.

The ingredients are then placed in a saucepan at the same time and cooked for 15 to 20 minutes, depending on the recipe. Important: Observe the cooking points for the individual ingredients and, if necessary, add individual ingredients to the pot later.

You should avoid these mistakes with one-pot meals

The idea is simple and practical. All ingredients come in a saucepan and the dish is ready in less than 20 minutes. However, mistakes can happen when cooking single vessels that should be avoided.

The remaining liquid should not be poured off. This acts as a sauce and therefore remains in the pot. However, it is important to note that you should not put too much water in the saucepan in the beginning. The right amount of fluid is crucial here.

Also important: Keep track of time. Especially with single vessels with pasta, you should pay attention to the cooking time to prevent the pasta from overcooking or becoming too hard. (You can find more ideas for a healthy diet here)

Recipe: Dinkel risotto with 5 ingredients

Ingredients for 4 servings:


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