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To prepare dental surgeries specifically for the introduction of the electronic prescription (e-prescription), the Swedish Association of Statutory Health Insurance Dentists (KZBV) has produced a new information film that focuses on the special needs of the profession. In just under three minutes, the clip explains the basics, requirements and general terms and conditions of the digital application e-prescription in a clear and easy-to-understand way. In addition, it illustrates concrete application scenarios and benefits in the dental context.

Background: The e-recipe

Dental clinics can already now try the e-prescription as part of the extended test phase and gain initial experience – and many are actively involved. The test phase is successfully completed when the previously agreed quality criteria, in particular at least 30,000 invoiced e-prescriptions, have been met. Then the e-prescription comes – according to the legislator’s wishes – in a gradual rollout as a mandatory application in the supply and replaces the conventional model 16 form for all pharmacy medicines that are prescribed at the expense of the statutory health insurance (SHI).

The prescription is stored in encrypted form in a central service of the telematics infrastructure (TI) after the prescription data has been compiled in the practice management system and signed with the e-dentist card. The access is controlled by a so-called “(access) token” which is generated together with the e-recipe. Patients can choose whether they want to manage their e-prescriptions via smartphone in the e-prescription app or get the redemption information (“token”) in practice as a printout.

Background: Information material from KZBV about TI

In addition to several explanatory films about TI, KZBV has published a series of free guidelines, flyers and brochures designed to make it easier for dental clinics and patients to use Germany’s largest health network. These include – in addition to a guide to e-prescriptions – the publications “The Electronic Patient Record (ePA): Guidelines for use in the dental clinic”, “Telematics infrastructure – an overview”, “Electronic drug plan / drug therapy safety control (eMP / AMTS)”, “Emergency Data Management (NFDM) “and a guide to KIM’s news service (communication in medicine).

In addition, information is available on the topics of video consultations, video case conferences and teleconsultations, comfort signatures, electronic patient files as well as data protection and data security. All publications are available as PDF files on KZBV’s website (

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