The world’s simplest spaghetti carbonara – with this recipe they always succeed and are so delicious!

Spaghetti Carbonara – the most popular type of pasta among Germans. IMAGO / YAY images

Do you also love spaghetti carbonara so much? But do you not really dare to do it yourself?

Carbonara has a reputation for being the most complicated pasta dish. The sauce fails so quickly, becomes crunchy or the ingredients separate from each other. Pasta where you should be careful not to smear the sauce? Many people think it’s stupid.

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It can happen, right. But if you know our simple tricks, you can make delicious smooth spaghetti carbonara without any problems. Promised!

You only need 6 ingredients and 20 minutes for our creamy carbonara with parmesan and crispy bacon. You can do it, right?

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Spaghetti carbonara needs good ingredients. IMAGO / Shotshop

First of all, we acknowledge that our carbonara ingredient list is not 100 percent genuine for the Italian original. We use cream. And with Italians who hardly or not at all enter Carbonara. But it tastes good and contributes to success.

But at your own discretion: Of course, you can also just use egg yolk. But do not complain if our recipe tastes better.

The simplest carbonara in the world – the recipe

What you need (for 2 servings)

250 grams of spaghetti, 150 grams of bacon, 2 eggs, 200 milliliters of cream (or milk), 100 grams of grated parmesan, salt, pepper, nutmeg

This is how it is done

Boil the spaghetti according to the instructions on the package. Take them out of the boiling water one minute too early, as the noodles will continue to boil later in the pan. And they should be al dente, not wet.

Meanwhile, fry the bacon in a large frying pan until crispy. Then set aside for now.

Whisk together eggs, cream and parmesan. Season the mixture with salt, pepper and a little nutmeg.

Fresh spaghetti carbonara is a real treat. IMAGO / agefotostock

Now add the spaghetti directly from the pasta water to the bacon in the pan. You can have some pasta water with you. Then add the egg mixture as well. Mix everything and stir slowly on VERY low heat until the sauce thickens and has a creamy consistency. Be patient, it’s worth it. Finally season everything again, sprinkle with a little parmesan – and serve!

3 tips to really succeed

For this dish, you need to pay attention to really good ingredients. The eggs should be fresh, the bacon preferably organic and you should also choose quality parmesan, spaghetti and cream.

2. Avoid the big problem of turning spaghetti carbonara into scrambled egg noodles by mixing the egg mixture with noodles and bacon on really low heat.

It is also important that the pasta comes dripping wet from the pasta water down into the pan. The pasta water makes the sauce creamy and does not solidify.

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