To get started on Veganuary, here’s a recipe for vegan Berliners to make yourself.

Donuts, donuts and crepes are as much a part of the carnival as Christmas cakes are for Advent. The sinfully delicious vegan version of the fried pastry with a multifaceted name. The formula is as follows:

After the carnival, it’s monk day. Sweet pastries with delicious fillings can not be missed in the spring. This sweet pastry is not popular in this country for nothing: fluffy, fluffy flat cakes, fried in a lot of oil, traditionally filled with jam and covered with a thick layer of powdered sugar – a pleasure for young and old.

Crepe, Berliner, monks or pancakes?

This debate about the name of a popular pastry is undoubtedly divisive. What do you think: Berliner, Kreppel, Krapfen or Berliner pancakes? The pastry is known as Krapfen in Bavaria and Austria, Kreppel in Hesse and Berliner in the Rhineland, all of which refer to the origin of the pastry. During the reign of Frederick the Great, a famous baker in the capital is said to have invented the bakery. The people of Berlin themselves call Berliner pancakes the Berliner.

According to legend, the Berliner comes from Vienna. During an argument with her husband, the baker Cäciliа is said to have accidentally invented the monk. In anger, she threw a piece of yeast dough at him, but the man escaped and the dough fell into a saucepan of hot fat and gave birth to the monk.

By the way, crayfish is a medieval term. Before Lent, it was better to eat a hearty meal to have a really nice time – the sweet yeast pastries fit perfectly into the diet of the time before Lent. The word “krapho” comes from the Old High German word “krapho” which means “claw” or “ax” and refers to the original form of the pastry.

Multifaceted enjoyment

But whether it’s donuts, donuts, crepes or pancakes, it’s clear that no bakery counter would be complete without them. It is very good filled with chocolate, plum jam or quark and not just as a classic variant with jam filling. Over time, truly unique creations have emerged, such as B. an eggnut filling, salted caramel or peanut butter.

Milk, sugar, butter and eggs are used in the pastry which is made according to a traditional recipe. But donuts can also be made without animal products: a fine yeast dough can be made with herbal milk and margarine, with a long fermentation time being the key to success. Do not be too impatient; the waiting time pays off in the form of a fluffy, fluffy dough. Any vegan jam can be used as a filling as long as it is free of honey and gelatin. Berliners are the ultimate treat, with peanut butter or dark chocolate filling, most of which are vegan. Let your imagination run wild – and enjoy your food!

Recipe for 14 vegan donuts from the oven


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