Vegan Biryani: Recipe for rice dish with zucchini and carrots

Preparing vegan biryani is not difficult: you just add a few vegetables to the Asian rice mash. We will present a biryani recipe and explain what you should be aware of.

Biryani is a rice dish that comes from Asia. The dish is especially popular in India, Bangladesh and Pakistan. The word “biryani” comes from Persian and roughly means “fried”. Rice puree is often cooked with meat, but you can make biryani vegan by adding your choice of vegetables, nuts or tofu to the rice.

We recommend that you look for organic quality when buying the raw materials. This way you avoid chemical-synthetic pesticides. Rice often comes from Southeast Asia and uses a lot of water to grow. Then there are the long transport routes to Europe. Rice grown in Europe (eg in Italy) is therefore more organically recommended. If you fall back on rice from countries further afield, we recommend it fair trade– Seal to respect. In this way, you guarantee that the manufacturers have observed human and workers’ rights during the production process and the long delivery routes.

You can find more information about rice cultivation here: How rice cultivation works and its consequences for the climate.

Vegan Biryani: Recipe for rice dish

Prepare vegan biryani with zucchini and carrots.
(Photo: Mia Stremme / Utopia)

Vegan biryani

  • Preparation: about 30 minutes
  • Amount: 2 servings