Vegetarian cookbook: Here you will find the best recipes

Vegetarian cookbook
These are the top five guides

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Craving vegetarian food but lacking inspiration? These five vegetarian cookbooks provide a variety of healthy and delicious recipes.

Vegetarian recipes are trendy. If you cook without meat more often, you not only protect the environment, but also do something for your health. According to the German Society for Nutrition, a plant-based diet reduces the risk of stroke, coronary heart disease or colon cancer. Do you want to try new vegetarian dishes? These five vegetarian cookbooks provide varied recipes.

Vegetarian! The Golden of GU

The Spiegel bestseller proves that vegetarian cuisine has much more to offer than pasta and soy steaks.Vegetarian! The golden one from GUIt contains over 400 vegetarian recipes that are also suitable for beginners. Whether asparagus salad, bean stew, celery schnitzel or potato and pumpkin risotto – here is the right recipe for every occasion. Very practical: the recipe quick search at the beginning of vegetarian cookbook quickly gives a good overview.

Jamie OliverVeggies

I “vegetables“Jamie Oliver reveals his favorite vegetarian recipes. The British star chef and best-selling author has a total of 116 recipes in this cookbook that are quick and easy to cook and taste incredibly good. Whether pies, curries, pasta, rice, salads or burgers: In this vegetarian cookbook you will find uncomplicated dishes for all tastes.

Veggie for the family

Do you and your family want to switch to a completely vegetarian diet? Then this cookbook is for you. “Veggie for the family“provides family-friendly recipes that are quick and easy to prepare and that also taste good for children. In addition, nutrition expert Dagmar von Cramm explains in the guide what a healthy and balanced vegetarian diet looks like that provides all the important nutrients.

Real vegetarian

In Anne-Katrin Weber’s cookbook “Real vegetarian“you will find over 70 sophisticated vegetarian recipes that are anything but boring. Here you can also roast, braise, fry, grill and bread without meat to get the full taste of vegetables, tofu or legumes. How about a t. eg Roasted carrot salad with avocado mousse, grilled eggplant with herb sauce or an oven-warm spinach and feta quiche?

Yotam Ottolenghi: Nice vegetarian

The cookbook “Nice vegetarianby Yotam Ottoleghi presents 125 modern vegetarian recipes from oriental-Mediterranean cuisine such as lemon and eggplant risotto or caramelized fennel with goat yoghurt. Thanks to such extraordinary recipes and flavor combinations, the vegetarian cookbook was awarded the “Tesco Cook Book of the Year” – Award-winning vegetarian Vegetarians will surely find new inspiration here.

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