Westerwald recipe: Grandma’s real and fake Markklchen

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By Helmi Tischler-Venter

The traditional starter for a holiday meal is a soup with marrow dumplings, sometimes as an ingredient in a clear nut broth, sometimes together with finely chopped vegetables and soup noodles. You can buy ready-made Markklchen, but they are easy to make yourself.

Photo: Wolfgang Tischler

Area. For the beef broth, either boil beef bones in plenty of water with mushroom vegetables and salt, or prepare a healthy broth with soup powder.

My grandmother was always very frugal with my family’s household, so she only bought real marrow bones before the high holidays Easter and Christmas. In order to be able to bring out the popular marrow tubers on the table more often, she used butter instead of beef marrow. The fake Markklchen also tasted delicious. In addition, there were usually a few more cakes, as the soup was usually served with command three! coupled, it was Grandma’s announcement that there were three snacks for each eater. When the chef brought the soup bowl down to the table with a totally sad facial expression, we knew that the marrow had crumbled. The mass resulted in a consistently tasty soup ingredient, but the kitchen character was just missing.

Ingredients for four servings of genuine Markklchen:
2 to 3 marrow bones
3 eggs
200 grams of breadcrumbs
parsley (about 10 grams)
Nutmeg, grated

Ingredients for fake marrow:
100 grams of butter
2 eggs (about 110 grams)
250 grams of breadcrumbs

The preparation is the same for both types of steaks, only the beef marrow is used for real marrow steaks, butter for the fake ones: Remove the marrow from the beef bones with a sharp kitchen knife, mash it a little and let it stand in a small saucepan on low heat. Then pass the marrow through a sieve so that even the smallest bone fragments are filtered out and the marrow is allowed to cool.

Melt the butter to the false marrow on low heat and allow to cool.

Mix the breadcrumbs or the chopped buns with the eggs. Add the finely chopped parsley, and finally season the liquid from the marrow bones thoroughly with salt, pepper and nutmeg. And mix everything up. It should be a compact mass that does not stick to the hands and does not fall apart, but can be easily shaped. If it gets stuck add more breadcrumbs, it falls apart add an egg.

As soon as the Klomassen has a fairly compact consistency, form small balls of the mass.

Leave the Markklchen in any nut soup or vegetable broth for about 15 minutes. They must not boil, otherwise they will decompose. When the balls float to the surface, they are ready. Sprinkle the soup with chives or chives and serve hot.

Markklchen can also be frozen well – simply freeze them on a plate so that they do not touch and then fill them in freezer bags. If necessary, add the frozen biscuits to the hot broth and simmer. (htv)

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