Westerwald recipe: Juicy scrambled eggs as a snack at midnight

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By Helmi Tischler-Venter

Rural households always had plenty of eggs from their own hens, so they did not need to be used sparingly. If, after extensive dancing at a club or trade fair in the village, you get hungry when you get home, a pan full of eggs was often baked quickly at midnight.

Dierdorf. In my family, it must always be scrambled eggs, velvety soft and juicy. Without milk or other ingredients. Dry lumps got sick. The trick to preparing it is to just beat the raw eggs to break up the egg yolks. As soon as the egg mass is in the pan, it should no longer be stirred but only gently pushed from the edge with a spatula so that no liquid egg remains. As soon as this is the case, remove the pan from the heat before baking the egg mixture dry.

Top up with organic eggs. In the shop, raw eggs are marked with a number that provides information on how the chickens are kept: Eggs stamped with 0 in front come from organic production. 1 stands for free-standing and 2 for barn. Group 3 cheap eggs come from cage farming. The region of origin is also noted on the egg: Rhineland-Palatinate has number 07 and North Rhine-Westphalia 05.

Ingredients for two people:
6 eggs
20 grams of butter
1 pinch of salt

Crack the eggs in a bowl, add a pinch of salt and stir with a fork.

Heat butter in a coated pan until brown. This gives a nutty taste. Then pour the egg mixture into the pan and fry over medium heat. Use a spatula to gently scrape the egg mass so that all the eggs come in contact with the bottom of the pan. When the eggs have set, remove the pan from the heat.

In combination with a slice of hearty bread and a fresh, crispy salad, scrambled eggs become a cheap, healthy and tasty dish.

Cold scrambled eggs form a slice that you can put in buttered bread such as cheese or sausage and take with you. (htv)

Good apetite

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