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Colorful eggs, pink smoked meat, fluffy Easter bread: After Lent, everyone is looking forward to Easter and a good snack. Seminarie farmer Barbara Zenz shows in Traussner Mühle in Ehrenhausen how you can also make Easter bread and co.

Of Barbara Kahr | 06:00 on March 27, 2022


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Seminar farmer Barbara Zenz (front left) with the course participants in the bakery in Traussner Mühle © Ballguide / Richard Großschädl

It’s not for drinking. A bottle stands out between flour, vanilla sugar, yeast and eggs Pinot Blanc in the middle of the kitchen island. In the restored kitchen of approx 200 year old mansion There is a lot of activity at the Traussner Mühle in Ehrenhausen on Weinstrasse.

Six women, a man and a common goal: the perfect Easter bread and Easter cakes. Apron tied, hands washed, let’s go. The Easter bread starts. “For me, bread is simply food. It is the most valuable thing I can put on the table. It is an experience when the whole house smells of bread. Bread is life,” says the course leader and seminar farmer Barbara Zenz. Behind her are scrutinizing glances at the kneading machines. The dough is ready. Manual work is now required. Another quick cup of coffee. The smell of the coffee beans spreads through the room with each cup.

If you have strong arm muscles, you now have a clear advantage. While the dough is being kneaded by hand, the sleeves are rolled up here and there. The dough initially sticks to the table top or hands. A beginner’s mistake: not enough flour, the farmer knows. “Always knead the dough inwards. In the end, it must be a nice and smooth loaf,” Zenz explains and helps with one or the other participant.

Chosen to knead servants

Some take the opportunity to have a man in the group: he is chosen to be the “worker”. “Basically, you can prepare yeast dough and you can also make Easter bread. But many also come because it’s an experience, it’s fun and you can get tips,” explains the seminar farmer while he carefully prepares a loaf around the other on a baking. sheet.


The mill owner had the idea to hold baking courses in the bakery on the old mansion Dieter Tatzl long ago. He took advantage of the pandemic and whipped the kitchen into shape. Some of the blue tiles on the walls are over a hundred years old. Together with the vault, they give the room its own atmosphere. In addition to the several meter long kitchen island in the middle, three different ovens or stoves, there is also a bar table with armchair and bench in one corner. The course participants therefore have enough space. They need that too.

As soon as one dough rests, the next comes Easter specialties: Pinze and the Easter wreath, the jumping whole grain rabbit and the Easter bunny. The latter puts the participants’ patience to the test as they shape. Intuition is an advantage. Roll out, twist or make a loop first? “We have a small wine restaurant at home in Stainz. I like to bake a lot and here on the courses I get ideas and tips”, says one of the participants while she irresolutely tries to twist the rolled out thread of the dough in the right direction. Despite the teamwork, Barbara Zenz is needed to give the Easter bunny a body. Around 16 years of baking courses is clear in the case of the farmer’s wife. Twist, make a loop, pull through, the rabbit body is ready.

Everyone who takes back courses If you want to register, you can do so online at https://www.muehlerei.at/backkurse/.

Telephone number: (+43 3453) 2516 or +43 664- 450 52 94.
Email: office@muehlerei.at

The wine gives the final touch

While the participants knead from one pastry to the next, the first Easter candies already go into the oven. The aroma of fresh bread and rosehips permeates the entire bakery and gently repels the aroma of freshly ground coffee. “It’s always a pleasure to see how beautiful the bread and pastries have become,” says Zenz and after a while takes the breads out of the oven one by one. Now the noble drop comes into play. Not for drinking during the test. No. The bread is spread with the wine. The icing on the cake. The still warm Easter bread, Pinzen and rabbits are lovingly laid out on the kitchen island. “Now we’ll see if everything turned out the way we wanted it to,” says Zenz with a smile and cuts the first loaf. Warm, soft, fluffy, fragrant, with a brown crust. Enjoy your meal.

1 kg wheat flour 480, 1 dice yeast, 3/8 l milk, 1/8 l wine, 3 cloves, 1 cinnamon bark, 10 g sugar, 2 g salt, 1/8 l oil, lemon peel

Boil the wine with a little sugar, cloves and cinnamon bark, let cool, strain, heat to lukewarm with the remaining liquid and prepare a smooth yeast dough. Let the dough rise for about 20 minutes, form a large loaf or two small loaves, place on a plate and leave to rise for about 60 to 75 minutes. Preheat the oven to 160 ° C hot air, brush the bread with milk and stick a few times with a needle. Bake the large loaf for 70 minutes and the small loaf for 60 minutes. Then top with the sweetened wine.

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