With delicious recipes and good tricks! Scrambled eggs versus fried eggs – what do you prefer to eat? The big egg Zoff

Many people love fried eggs – but is the egg pancake really the only real breakfast option? imago / YAY pictures

Finally Sunday! This means: Many people enjoy the morning with a rich breakfast with the whole family. In addition to rolls, sausages, cheese and jams, eggs are often served – but in what form? Opinions differ on the preparation method. While most can agree on the classic cooked variant in the shell, there are two fractions for scrambled eggs and fried. The big egg war on KURIER – with delicious recipes and tips for preparation.

The perfect fried egg has many lovers – and the recipe is not complicated. image / Westend61

Fried egg recipe: This is the unadulterated breakfast candy!

If the egg is not served in its shell, there is really only one aspect that should be taken seriously: the fried egg! Everything else is just fancy gimmick! There is nothing more beautiful than the pure egg: white on the outside, yellow on the inside, crispy on the bottom, soft on the top. A fried egg combines all the textures that an egg can have – and yet nothing flows as beautifully as a half-cooked egg yolk.

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With scrambled eggs, on the other hand, there is nothing to marvel at. It often comes as a confusing tangle of egg pieces, which are often fried together to form an unmistakable granulate. In any case, the scrambled eggs are apparently only interested in tasting as few eggs as possible, or why is the supposed star in the dish often stretched with milk, various vegetables and lots of bacon? Mixed peppers and ham pan with eggs? Clear! But scrambled eggs? Never.

The fried egg, on the other hand, is excellently sorted. And it helps with spice and eating. Because while egg whites can withstand a good portion of pepper, egg yolks only taste best with salt. And: It’s also easier to handle: Scrambled eggs are constantly falling off the fork or bread. A fried egg can be cut with a knife or even a fork and placed on a slice of bread as if it were made for it. Scrambled eggs, on the other hand, go where the recipe belongs after it has fallen from the bread on the floor: in the trash.

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And the preparation is so simple: break the egg, slide it into the pan, which has been brought to medium temperature, and let it fry. After a minute, remove from the bottom with a spatula, turn off the stove and let it soak in the still hot pan. Season with salt and pepper. Finished. By the way, do not turn around: It would be too much of a scrambled egg. (dma)

A delicious scrambled egg is part of every Sunday breakfast – and the recipe can be varied as desired. image / Shotshop

Scrambled eggs recipe: Fried egg does not belong on the breakfast table!

Many people like to eat well on a quiet Sunday breakfast – fresh rolls, cheese, sausages, jams … However, there are things that do not belong on the breakfast table, not even on Sundays. For example: fried egg. Seriously: who likes to have such a big flatbread on their plate? Already this optics! One half white, the edges charred, a yellow sack in the middle that looks at you like a giant eye. And which then flows out like a purulent abscess when you stab it with a knife. Then spread the orange juice all over the plate. Fried egg fans, WHAT DO YOU HAVE?

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It’s not for nothing that most hotels do not serve fried eggs on their breakfast buffets, but rather scrambled eggs. The proof is clear! The delicate texture, the golden color, the ability to pimp the egg with ingredients to the fullest – all these arguments make scrambled eggs the only real breakfast. Especially the fact that the egg can be adapted to everyone. Do you love ham? Scrambled eggs! Are you an herbalist? Scrambled eggs! Do you like delicious things like shrimp? Put them in the scrambled eggs. Do you love white goo discs with yellow goo? Okay, here’s your fried egg. Have a nice meal.

But back to the scrambled eggs: This is really easy to do. Whisk eggs as needed and whisk with a splash of milk. Pros also swear by a little mineral water, the carbon dioxide makes the egg more fluffy. Even salt, pepper, maybe a little pepper – that’s all you need. A saucepan is placed on the stove, a little butter is heated.

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If you want extra surprises such as ham, mushrooms or vegetables in the egg, fry them first and then pour the egg mixture on top. Then push the scrambled eggs back and forth with the wooden spade while they solidify. The breakfast egg is ready when the set pulp is still wet, as the pulp continues to boil due to its own heat until it is on the table. By the way, even without extra features, scrambled eggs remain fantastic: just the eggs, the milk, the spices and fresh chives – fried eggs, go home! (fifth)


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